St. Malo


Aug 7, 2012
I hear St. Malo is very good? I also hear Lilac has been completely redone and is has hot tubs and many fun activities for adults. Thoughts?


Aug 11, 2012
I live in St.Malo, the provincial park campground is great! It offers both very secluded sites and open area sites. There are 2 beaches on the lake. lots of green space to play sports/games. Lots of walking trails thru the bush. Nice bathrooms/showers. (

There is also Debonair camping in St.Malo (, never been there but appears to offer the same things just in a smaller package.

I just heard news of another camping area to be developped in the near future which will be called "field of dreams". It will be located just east of debonair campground.

As for Lilac, i have never been but friends of mine would frequent there often as kids and loved it. If they have upgraded since then... must be more to love?


Apr 30, 2012
By far my favorite campground! They have redone the place and it has new playstructures, gorgeous modern bathrooms and free showers!!!! Beautiful and relaxing. The beach is a quick walk from the campground, there is lots to do, and very kid-friendly. The town is nearby so if you need to pick up anything. I can't say enough what a luxury the ladies bathrooms are! take a shower after 8am as they have staff that go in and clean them every morning at the same time! if you go any earlier the shower stalls are filled with dead moths and big dead bugs etc from the night before. You try getting a 3 year old into a shower with dozens of critters clinging to the walls! LOL. Not sure how that many bugs are getting into there, maybe there was a hole in the roof. dunno. nice clean warm running water in a nicely tiled modern shower with nice designer shower curtains! hubby says men's bathroom was old but clean. maybe they hadn't reno'd the men's yet. or maybe men don't care! LOL.

Lake water is beautiful, beach is clean. No dogs allowed on beach, but campground is fine. We did not have water hookup, just electricity. There is water taps in the bays, and the water from tap is crystal clear and doesnt smell. I washed dishes with it, but not sure if it is okay for cooking or drinking. we always use bottled water for that.


Aug 11, 2012
To my knowledge the water is potable. There are also campsites available along the water and a stone's throw from the "campground beach". It's a great place and not just because we live here, it's never as hectic as other beaches in such close proximity to Winnipeg, growing up near Bird's Hill Park, it was almost impossible to find a sandy spot on a hot day. That's just not a problem here! And we have a brand new restaurant and bar opening up, a pharmacy that opened over the winter and Co-Op has doubled in size and convenience!! Welcome down!!


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Aug 2, 2011
Steinbach, MB
I love the privacy of the sites but absolutely refuse to swim there. Make sure you check with the park staff before you or the kiddies jump in the lake, particularly in late July and throughout August.

We have several friends whose entire families were laid low by E. coli and Fecal coliform bacteria and swimmer's itch. They usually warn you, but don't take any chances. The little ones can get pretty sick. It's not just St. Malo that has this problem either, many of the CG's in Manitoba do (Falcon Lake, Winnipeg Beach, Grand Beach). Always check on the water quality before you jump in.

FYI: There are no fully serviced sites. Electrical only or basic is all they offer. Not a problem for those prepared to boondock.


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Apr 12, 2017
We did St Malo last year, and will be doing it again this year (labour day weekend).

It's a very nice, clean and large campground. Sites are very private (at least the ones in the treed areas, not so in the open field areas). The washrooms are fantastic.

The beach is another story. The beach itself is okay. However, the water is gross. Not only is it very rich in iron, but the weeds are plentiful and coarse. We didn't spend much time swimming in the water because of this. If you want to go sun yourself and play in the sand, it's fine. If you want to go swimming, go to Bird's Hill or Rushing River.


Mar 30, 2022
Winnipeg, MB
Love how private the sites are here, but the water ... nice big beach for the public, the beach on the campground side is very small. The water quality is .... not so great, especially later in the year as it's a shallow prairie lake.