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    My tripod for long range stuff and sky stuff is an ancient massive Gitzo, up till now used with an equally massive but sticky Bogen tripod head (photo attached).

    I recently replaced the old Bogen head with a
    "Moman Tripod Fluid Drag Pan Head with Handle and 1/4 Quick Release, Lightweight 3-Ways Panning Ball Head with 22 lb Payload for Tripod Monopod, Slider, DSLR Cameras and Light Stands" bought via Amazon - cheap and very sturdy - beautiful quality (made by essentially slave labor).

    I have a different tripod bought because I saw it in a store at Yosemite - its sexy - but its not really light. It will be used for non-telescope applications (I think). Also bought via Amazon.
    "MeFOTO RoadTrip Classic Lightweight 61.6" Aluminum Travel Tripod/Monopod w/Case, Twist Locks, Triple Action Ballhead w/Arca Swiss Plate for Mirrorless/DSLR Sony Nikon Canon Fuji - Red (A1350Q1R)"

    My really old Velbon tripod gets used only for Critter Cam deployment outside.

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