Starcraft pop up 1992 stove won't light

Discussion in 'Camping with Kids/Pets' started by 4my2girls, Feb 26, 2017.

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    Feb 26, 2017
    [PU] We bought our pop up trailer 3 years ago. It has the stove that hooks on the outside of the trailer with 3 burners and can also go inside. It worked over a year just fine and then one day just stopped working. My husband isn't handy at all and has no idea how to even start to fix it. I tried the turn on valve in both positions just in case I remembered it wrong. I tried to light it inside and outside and nothing. My propane heater works fine. The stove normally makes a sounds when u light it but it sounds like no gas is even there. I/we looked for pinches or whole in the line and nothing. Had to take the stove out and store this last year while I have been cooking on the picnic table with a 2 burner.
    Called a shop and said $50 just to look at it and for the first hour. Parts and more hour work on top of that. Think that's a great price but if I can do myself I could save money.
    Wonder if someone else has had this problem with their stoves and any idea on how to fix it. The stove is clean and looks almost new.
    Think the original owners didn't use it much. We have taken it out I am sure more in the last 3 years then it has ever seen all of the 90s! Not sure whatever to do thanks.
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    I would crawl under the trailer and look to see if the gas line got pinched.

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