Starcraft Roof Replacement - Advisement and Parts location

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    Oct 3, 2021
    Hello all, and thanks for any and all help the members may be able to assist me in. I hope I am able to give the same in return at some point. We've got one more trip planned, and this project will be underway, but I'd like to ensure I have all of my resources together prior in order to plan the exact way of replacement.

    Year: 1996
    Make: Starcraft
    Model: 1224XL

    Back story: Roof is beyond it's band-aid repairs. A complete rebuild is required, and due to todays pricing on RV's, is the only realistic alternative. I just can't justify the cost of new. Maybe if pricing comes back down to earth, but I need a couple more years out of my current unit.

    I would like to reuse my existing alum/metal skin, and trims (shown in attached pics) However, I do feel like I'm backing myself into a corner. That in... using the existing metal coating, and trims seems like it will leave me little room for error. And I've seen some really nice finish products with the rubber kits

    1.) Where is the best location to find roof related parts for a model this old?
    2.) Would you recommend reusing the old skin, or replacing with one of the kits?
    3.) Where can I find the trims in the attached pics?

    Thank you for any and all assistance you can help me with! pup2.jpg pup1.jpg
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    Any rv store has the white trim (insert roof trim). I got some on eBay. carries long pieces as well as other trims. Amazon too. Bottom edge trim I don’t know. If skin isnt full of holes, reusing it assures you get the measurements right. Even a couple holes can be covered with Eternabond. I don’t know about roof kits.
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