Stinkbugs clogged up stove!

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    Aug 3, 2012
    I was having problems with my Peak 1 Coleman single burner liquid fuel stove, which has been very reliable for a few years.

    It would light with a typical yellowish flame, but it would not switch over to a blue flame. [V]

    I took off the upper assembly, looked into the small cavern inside, and it was full of stinkbugs! [:(]

    The stinkbugs were apparently attracted to the underside of the burner assembly, and they effectively clogged it up.

    A good cleaning took care of the problem, and the Coleman liquid fuel stove is working like new.

    Guess I'll have to deal with the lanterns too, but that will be a winter project. :)
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    Aug 13, 2014
    spokane wa
    bugs spiders and mud dubbers[sp] are the biggest problem in blocking the air tubes in gas/propane stoves and lanterns. the air tubes on grills and rv stoves can also get blocked by these bugs, if your appliance does not work right its time for a full cleaning of the air manifold.

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