Stone Mountain State Park...anyone been there?

Discussion in 'Georgia' started by missnanc, May 12, 2012.

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    Just booked a weekend at SM in June. And it seems clear this campground practices pup discrimination. For online reservations they have the options for Class A, TT, 5th wheel, etc. But if you have a pup you have to call. My wife called and told the agent that we were camping with another family and they were in a small RV (smaller than my fully expanded pup by 1-2'). At first she wasn't going to put us together. We were destined for pup town and our friends would be in the RV area. But for some reason the agent got it in her head that we and our friends were family and said something to the effect of "forget the rules, I am putting you together in the RV area". She told us that she noted our reservation with a lot of "DO NOT MOVE" messages so no one else would change our selected sites. The crazy part is that while our location is a really nice one along the lake, it is not even a full hookup. Power, water and cable. No sewer. Why can't a pup use these spots? The agent even said we are close to a brand new bathhouse in the loop. Why spend the money on that if you aren't going to allow equipment on the spots that would need such facilities?

    My advice to anyone looking to book here: Lie. Make a reservation online and say you have a TT.
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    We camped at Stone Mountain campground this past weekend (the Thursday after Memorial Day weekend). Thanks to the review by Chuck2009 in this thread a few years ago, we reserved site 54. You reserve particular sites, but you have to call to reserve PUP sites. We had a great time at the park. When you stay at the campground and buy a Park pass, you get a second Park pass day free. We got there before noon, set up most of the camp, then went immediately to the park and got a good day in (including the Laser show at 9:30pm). I don't know how crowded weekdays get during the middle of summer, but it it was quite sparse on Thursday, and a little more crowded on Friday and very nice with few lines. We didn't go on the weekend, but based on the number of campers that arrived Friday evening, I expect it was pretty crowded on Saturday. The park food is not terrible, but it is expensive. It's a long (slow) drive from the park to the campground, so bring a cooler with sandwiches/drinks and eat lunch in the parking lot.

    Site #54 was a good location and close to the clean bath house, and a short walk from the playground, pool (crowded), and pavillion. During the Summer they have Bingo at the pavillion on Friday at 6pm. It is free to play with free lemonade and popcorn, and you win prizes from the camp store. It was a good time. Our site was not perfectly level, and I used up most of my Lynx levelers getting the camper level. I had to use a rock from the campfire for one of my stabilizers. We later discovered at the entrance of the campground a big wagon with a sign with "take one" blocks of leveling wood. On site #54, the water tap is on the "wrong" right side of the drive, and I'm not sure my water hose would have reached. Luckily I brought in water in the tank. Most of the pup sites are very shaded, but the ground is very loose, almost ash-like dust. Make sure you have an outdoor rug. A few times during the weekend there were quite a few vehicles who passed by going to their campsites. I expect some of the other loops farther down the road would have less traffic.

    In summary, the campground is good for a base camp, and the facilities are nice, but I think the focus of this campground is to give Park visitors an affordable place to stay at night while they go to the paid park during the day, and for locals looking for a quick tent getaway. If you treat it like this, you'll have a great trip for not much money. It is probably not the best place to kick back and enjoy the camping life during the day like a traditional state park.
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    Just returned from a nice 4th of July weekend. Highly recommend site 190 on the H loop. It's really big, most sites at the campground are not! Picnic table, fire ring, and BBQ down near the water. PUP overlooks the entire site. It's on a cove and you "own" most of the shoreline. It's really great. You may need to block site 188 access. Some people might be rude and try to access the cove through your site. (see my post in the etiquette section)

    The bingo was free and fun. We won a bag of firewood! Pool is has warm water in the summer and only 4 umbrellas. Bring your sunshade if you hate baking in the sun. The play ground for the kids was recently renovated and was great. It's more of a base camp experience since there's so much to do at the Crossroads Village area. I live 30 minutes from here and never camped. Did so because the traffic for 4th of July fireworks is crazy!
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    Resurrecting this one to see if anyone has been lately and can provide Comfort Station review??
    That’s the only part DW needs info on......
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    We are going this weekend, I'll let you know how it goes

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