Stony Brook State Park NY


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Apr 24, 2008
If you go there stay away from sites 1-53. Those sites are in a loop that is small and very tight with little and no grass.


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Mar 22, 2009
Also there are a lotta moutian bikers that go there for the day so just be carfule when hicking in the woods as you may get hit, they just may not se you and they are offten traveling realy fast


Jun 29, 2009
Rochester, NY
We just got back from camping on site 100 today. We took a walk to see the other loop and were shocked at how close together the sites were. Actually, in 53+ loop, they are still close together, but 93-approximately 103 are better on the creek side. We think 93 is awesome as it at the end and very close to the water. (Couldn't get that one, though.) We had a great time at Stony Brook but realized that you have to have the right site...they are not all equal!