Storing PUP in the hot Arizona Sun - need advice


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Dec 9, 2013
San Diego
Hi All,
I need to store my PUP in the Arizona Desert over the summer. I am opting to get garaged parking 25 miles away (since PUC will fit in a 10'X15" space), but over time, that gets expensive. Unfortunately, I won't be able to store it at my house because we are doing some construction.
My question is, If I decide to store it in an uncovered storage lot that is closer to my house, what precautions do I need to take in extreme hot weather and dust storm conditions? I am worried about the vinyl windows, the canvas and the decals (as well as the plastic and seams). Of course I would have it covered, including the wheels, but I'm worried that extreme heat will cause wear and damage. Any advice?


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Oct 15, 2006
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I store mine year round in my yard, I do not even cover mine, however your situation is probably different from mine, but ours is a wet /damp climate whereas yours is arid. Maybe you can get over and air it out once in while maybe even take it out camping. I am sure someone else on here has had the same problem you have and hopefully will give you a better answer that I have. Good luck and Happy Camping


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May 21, 2015
Best thing I can think of is to use pool noodles to create an air space between the cover and the pup roof.


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May 7, 2013
Somewhere in Idaho
I stored mine in Moab UT during the summer months, when not used, without a cover, except on the tires and never had a problem. Not sure of your summer temps, Moab in July/August could easily hit over 105. I will add that during those hot summer months; especially in July, I would head up to ID/WY into the mountains to cool off.


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Jul 2, 2016
I live in AZ. Our desert environment is very harsh due to the sun, high heat, haboobs, and monsoons. We reach temperatures of 115 degrees and higher during the summer months in the Metro Phoenix area. The hottest recording was 122 degrees. And it depends on where you’re parking it in AZ. Not all areas in AZ are the same.

I cover my Aliner with a ADCO cover and stored under a Carolina carport in my back yard. No HOA governs our subdivision which is perfect. It stays protected and shaded all year when not in use.

Be careful using tarps.
  • They’re known to rub against the trailer and cause scratches.
  • Doesn’t look allow air circulation between tarp and trailer.
  • Tarps don’t last in the AZ sun.

Since you’re storing away from home, you could store in the garage during the summer months. Then move to an open area when it’s cooler.

Or build a wooden shelter for it like another member, jeepster827 did. Not sure if the landlord would allow it but it’s cheap and a simple build for added protection against the sun, water & etc. HD can cut your wood before leaving the store.

Good luck.

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Dec 9, 2013
San Diego
Thanks DG, I also have an ADCO cover and I'll put noodles under the cover for added air circulation. Since we absolutely can't store it at our house, I'll do what you suggest and pay for garage parking in the hottest months, and then move her outside in a closer storage lot. (I've just always had her with me
and I'm going to miss her daily presence, reminding me to make camping plans). [:!]

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