Storm turns RV's over at Lake Eufaula OK

Discussion in 'General Weather Forum' started by Tekboy46, Aug 12, 2008.

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    This area is about 7 miles from where we camped the week before this happened. A cold front kicked these storms off in Oklahoma. We're fairly weather-aware in OK but this one caught us off-guard. A couple in their brand new 1st time to camp in it RV blew over. An official suspects that the awnings worked as sails, but no real proof, just a theory. If winds over 20 ever come up when I'm camped, that awning is coming down pronto. Go to the link then click on Featured Video.

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    WOW.... I hope they had good insurance on that trailer. Can you imagine that happening on your first trip.

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    Mar 6, 2008
    We got hit with a dry front packing some pretty hefty winds when out in May. At about 3:00 AM our awning flipped up over the PUP when it hit. After that episode, we bought a freestanding canopy which is easy to put up and take down if needed. It's been a good buy, as we use it on our patio at home when not out camping!

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