Suburban Hot Water Heater Leaking

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    Apr 26, 2017
    Yes...another leaking hot water heater question...

    Out of the blue, while camping Tuesday night, we noticed the floor under the kitchen table was wet. Looked under the seat and there was a sizable leak.

    Used towels to sop it out enough to stick my head under the water system and saw a steadily dripping hot water heater tank. Looked to be dripping towards the outside wall from about midway the width of the tank...the water was dripping off the styrofoam. I could not find any other visual drips.

    I did feel around the fittings and on the lower cold water fitting it felt "wetter" that everything else. (hot water leaking caused most of the other pipes to sweat so most everything was damp.

    I cut off all water and the dripping stopped. Left water in the system and 3 days later it is still dry under there.

    Leads me to think that its a water pressure issue causing the leaks...since it stopped leaking once we disconnected from the water. We were NOT hooked up to a high pressure system at the campground.

    I checked today to see if there were any loose fittings...other than the leaky filter hookup (I despise these things)...everything seemed tight....and then I saw the inlet to the cold water...what kind of fitting is that??

    This is a photo of the water filter system spider web.

    Any ideas on where to start in trying to fix this? How can I even attempt to address that cold water fitting? It is way up under there...and I am not a little man.

    Thanks for any advice you may be able to give.

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    They use a PEX type fittings, you see the crimp rings around the pipes etc. That nut has to spin, or the pipe spins within the nut. LIkely the nut spins. You have to get that off some way. Not sure too much from there because on my Suburban they use standard NPT to pex.

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