Susquehanna SP


Jan 15, 2016

69 sites, 6 with electric hook-up (30 amp)

No water/sewer hookups; water spigots located throughout camping loops. Pets allowed in campground, all trails, and day-use area.

Stayed here in June of 2016

Site Details: We stayed in the Acorn Loop, site #38. Site was very shaded, and probably the most secluded feel of anywhere we’ve camped. Camping pad was nice and level, although the driveway was slightly sloped. One of our bunk ends extended beyond the pad into the woods, which was just fine by me. Nice amount of space in between sites. Short walk to bathouse, through the woods behind us. There were also several, very private, “walk-up” type sites for tents.

Facilities/Overall Park: Bath house was immaculate; by far the cleanest I have ever seen in a campground. Must have been recently renovated. Deer Creek day-use area was nice; had a big playground and a few pavilions. Picnic area was an open field with very little shade, and the amount of goose poop was unreal; like walking through a minefield. For that reason alone, I don’t think I would host any events there. There is a little fishing pond there, which my husband and daughter enjoyed. We hiked back to the campground from here, which was a nice easy-to-moderate trail. The beginning was pretty rough for me, since I was wearing my infant son while navigating an uphill trail, but it quickly evened out. There are also plenty of areas to stop along the road in the campground, with access to the creek for wading. The water felt great, but the bottom was rather pebbly. There is a historic area in the park, with a working grist mill, mansion and other little buildings to view. Not really my thing, but was pretty neat. The views of the river are really nice from here.

Surrounding Area/Attractions: Town of Havre de Grace is nearby; seemed pretty cute and quiet. Believe there is also a winery, farmers market, and several large flea markets in the area. Elk Neck SP is maybe another 30 min north, which is a beautiful park with a great beach area (never camped there before). Stopped for crabs on the way home at Price’s Seafood in HdG, which is a small, local-yokel type of place. Food was good, service was alright. You can view the water from their deck, and their parking lot had plenty of space for the PUP, which was great!

Overall, I really loved this park. The campground was definitely my favorite of everywhere we’ve camped so far. Look forward to returning and spending more time in the creek!


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Apr 20, 2010
Nice review. We stayed there last year. Great history. Plan on camping there again since we live only a hour drive away. However, not sure I liked the Northeast corrider train horns at night about 4 miles away.