Sylvan Campground Lake Wilson, Ks

Discussion in 'Kansas' started by Wandering Roo, Aug 17, 2020.

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    Jun 16, 2016
    wilson.jpg campsite.jpg Just spent the last 4 days camping at Sylvan Campground at Lake Wilson. It is an amazing place to stay. The campground is smaller and quieter than most but still has everything you could want. The sites were level and the campground was easy to navigate through. There are dump stations, clean restrooms and showers, a play ground for kids and a hiking trail all there.

    Now this campground is north of the dam so you don't see the lake from your site, the only draw back to this location. However unlike most of the other campsites around the lake both the State Park and the other Core Of Engineers sites this location has trees and shade.

    Lake Wilson has amazing hiking and biking trails, we only had time to do two of them but they were stunning. We saw tons of wildlife and flowers along with beautiful rock formations that will change your view of Kansas
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    I often tell people if you were dropped off at Wilson Lake and not told where you are, you would never believe you're in the middle of Kansas. Did you make it up the road to Lucas to see the Garden of Eden?

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