Syracuse, NY - Green Lake State Park


Feb 18, 2012
My folks live in Syracuse, and a couple of years ago I camped at Green Lakes SP while in town for a family reunion. Although a bit busier than I like, it was clean and fairly quiet at night. I had a site with W/E, which is a bit of luxury for me, The neighbors were very nice, and being able to walk around the lake in the morning was a nice plus. Good shower and restroom facilities.


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Feb 17, 2011
its our favorite last minute getaway spot.......we can come home on friday night and find a spot on most weekends and be there and set up within an hour.

I recommend the Pine Woods section.


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Oct 7, 2009
I'm happy I saw this! We will be passing thru Syracuse on our way to the Vermont Rally. As our plans firm up, I would have been searching for a place. Thanks for saving me a ton of time!

Daveo, be sure to log back into this thread after your trip and let us know how your stay went! Thanks :)


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Apr 24, 2012
Rochester NY
Thea615 said:
Are all or most of the sites at Green Lake wooded?
I did a "Google Earth" search and looked at the camp grounds. I looks like it's about 50/50 with trees on all or most of the sites. Most of them however don't look wooded.


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Jan 14, 2013
I live near there and it is really a really nice park although I've only camped there once (too close for me). The sites are mostly wooded although not heavily. The beach is great and they've got trails for biking and a really gorgeous golf course too. Just a word of caution in past years they have had a lot of ticks in the area - especially the trails around the lakes! I don't want to scare anyone away from trails,as a matter of fact it is a really beautiful and unique area and you shouldn't miss a walk around the lakes. Just take the necessary precautions for you and your pets!


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Nov 16, 2006
Even though I live in NC, I have tent camped there twice. DW's family is from Syracuse, and they still have family up there. The month after DW and I were married in 2000, we took a 12 hour road trip up there and camped July 4th weekend. Never again. The park was great, the people, not so much. We had a great time anyway, but we don't enjoy being around loud parties while camping, and unfortunately, that's what it was (we're used to the state parks here in NC being quiet even on major holiday weekends). But we did get to visit quite a bit with DW's family in nearby Fayetteville.

Fast forward 3 years in 2003, we drove back up there with DD and my in-laws for DW's aunt's surprise 60th birthday party. It was in September, the weather was cool and beautiful, and the CG was pretty quiet. It really is a nice park, and we had a great time. As others have said, the walk around the lakes is very nice, and they have a nice beach area. DD enjoyed that.

We would definitely camp there again if going back to that area.

DW making breakfast, FIL enjoying coffee..


Family at the lake...


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Apr 24, 2012
Rochester NY
Thanks for the picks of the park, fallsrider. The CG really looks god. I am excited to see it in person. This will be our first visit to it.


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Apr 24, 2012
Rochester NY
We got back from our week at this park. I found the park in general to be real nice. The beach was large and the park it self was also clean. The camp sites were nice although well used. We had site 110 which was in the Rolling Hills area. That is the upper area of the park with electricity. The bathrooms were kept clean and the maintenance people serviced them at least 3 times daily. They are dated though. There is a camp store in the park but it has just opened and isn't very well stocked. The operator acknowledged the she need to visit other state parks and view their stores to see what she needed to stock. There were some things that I wasn't too happy with however.

Because the camping area is so well used, the sites have a lot of dirt areas the when it rains, get very muddy. Our site was OK but I did see a lot of sites that had a good amount of large pools of water and mud in them after the rain we got moved on. The sites are also close together and small.

The park is also located on the approach or departure of the airport in Syracuse. It depends on the wind direction. Some planes were quite low and very noisy. There is also a major rail yard a few miles to the north-west and they do work nights.

There are a number of big box stores near the park. Grocery stores, malls, and food places. Being on the outskirts of Syracuse, you have to expect it. So if you forget or need something, it's not far away.

I met a number of very nice people there and everyone I talked to was very pleasant. We had 2.3 inches of rain come through on Thursday and even with that, people were resilient and joked about it.

I my own personal comparison to other state parks I have been to in NYS, I would place this one in the middle of the pack. I will probably go back to camp there but seeing the sites in my area, I would have to be careful as to which one I would get.