table height for coleman Newport 88

MD Chef

Jan 18, 2011
When I got my camper last year it had no table only a piece of plywood to hold the cushions as a bed. length and with I got from the coleman brochures and measuring but notheing lists the height and I have no hardware from the old table to measure. If amy one has an original table and can measure the height and let me know I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Matt O

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Dec 16, 2008
Chester County PA
The height of the table doesn't matter as much as the width and length. I just put the wood on top of 1/2 set of table legs I had kicking around. You can't use a full set of legs otherwise you won't be able to swing your legs under.





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Jun 23, 2008
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Grab a tape measure and push your dining room chair half way under your dining table - now measure the height between the seat of the chair and the top of the table top, and write that measurement down. Now measure from the floor of your pup to the top of the dinette cushion with nobody sitting on it. Add that measurement to the one you wrote down. That'll give you a table top height to shoot for. Trim the legs to get the table top to match that height, and you're set.