Tacky lights/Leveling

Discussion in 'Lighting, Interior and Exterior' started by Tim_Rhonda, Oct 31, 2008.

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    Sep 3, 2008
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    When buying tacky lights if they are 12 volt where does one plug them in on the outside? Our Niagara has an outdoor yellow light by the door that has a plug similar to the inside lights that we plug our portable light/fans into. I'm assuming its 12 volts.

    Also last trip our site was level left to right but front to back was an extreme. I had to use 5 of the Levelex orange blocks under each front stabilizer. My question is when we are at this extreme should I leave the tounge jack wheel off? I left it on but thought pup could be more stable with it off,more flat area?

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    You are correct in that the outdoor plug (RCA jack) is a 12 volt connection for accessories. If your tires are chocked well, and the stabilizers are firmly down, all should be well. The tongue jack post may add a little stability but I honestly don't know.

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    Our camper is too heavy to move around - except on level paved surface with a trailer dolly. So I have a foot on all the time.

    We also use Bal leveler on one side and the Bal chock on the other. This is only way to really secure our camper so there is no movement when inside,

    tongue foot

    bal leveler

    bal single tire chock

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