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    Oct 7, 2010
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    Well, we have been talking for the last year about buying a popup. I grew up camping in a StarCraft popup (Galaxy 8, 1975 era) and then a StarCraft TT. My dw has tent camped quite a bit,, but never in a camper. We have a 4 year old daughter. The last couple of years I talked her into going to the RV show here in Sevierville. We went this past weekend, my daughter had a blast. Well, they never have pups at the show, so we started looking at hybrids... and TT's. After yesterday, looks like we may pass on a pup and go right to a hybrid. Found a Jayco we really like, and like the Roo's too. I guess it makes sense if we intend to upgrade to one at some point, just bite the bullet.

    Well, back to the drawing board (and saving $$$).
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    Mar 11, 2010
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    I can understand your point, we moved to a HTT after 25 years in P'ups in part to a grandchild on the way. Love it.
    Turtled in it the other night due to power out from the storm.
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    Yep we moved from a pup to a Hybred.. Loved it so much and it was so much easier to set up and take down.. we ended going out much earlier in the year and staying out much later, we just loved our Jayco 23b.. But since we started going earlier and camping until thanksgiving, it still got cold.. So we moved on the the TT... Hope you get your HYTT and enjoy it...
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    Dec 2, 2011
    Last June we moved up from our pup to a TT, bypassing the Hybrid TT. Very glad we made this decision. We camp year around, so dealing with wet canvas was something we wanted to avoid in the future. Best decision ever! We love our TT and have already put over 5000 miles on it since June.

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    Oct 6, 2013
    We've been through several campers... started in a pup, after DD came along we went to a 23' Class C MH. Then DS and moved up to a 25' Class C MH... New house and back to a pup... Stopped camping for a while and restarted in a pup... Now with a grand daughter we migrated up to a HTT. We loved our pup, as we did a number of mods to really make it nice, but the HTT is that much better.

    Congrats you're really going to enjoy it.
  6. WeRJuliIan

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    May 15, 2014
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    We served our time in tents, and the magic slowly went out out of putting them up in the rain and rolling out of bed onto hard ground in the mornings. So, we graduated to a PUP, and had several years of fun with that... but I'm starting to find the setup and take-down to be too rugged on my old bones, and we're still limited by the weather. (We like to camp in the mountains in the fall)

    Then we made the same "mistake" as the OP - went to an RV show :)
    We're taking delivery of a new hybrid next week - a Jayco 19UXD.
    The big attractions were:

    * Ease and speed of setup - basically, park it, level/stabilise it, plug it in and sit back with a smug feeling.
    * The ability to leave it largely pre-packed and ready to go, so we can do more spur-of-the-moment camping
    * An actual shower/bathroom - no more midnight treks to the bath-house

    The challenges, that I can see so far:

    *It won't fit under the carport, like the PUP did, so I'm having to trim back a line of trees, to make room for it.
    *It has very limited counter space in the kitchen area, and no oven. Those are things we'll have to work on.
  7. Mazauk75

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    Mar 17, 2015
    When we first got married 10 years ago, my DW told me her idea of camping was a hotel with external doors...so our first few camping trips in a tent were less than enjoyable. After those trips I thought my camping days were over and my children would miss out on some truly great experiences. So, about 4 years ago now, without permission, I snagged $2k from savings and bought a '90 Starcraft Nova pup. Boy was DW angry, but after our maiden voyage of a spring break trip to PCB FL, she fell in love...almost. She and the kids do t weather storms well in a house, so the pup has been rough at times, and the smaller pup is tight for our family of 5.

    This winter we spent a good deal of time making trips to the various RV lots here in North GA. DW wants and 30' TT with a full bunk house and all the bells and whistles. I'm not ready to give up my canvas entirely, nor do I want to go full on TT...I just don't feel like that's camping after growing up in almost exclusively tents. We did come to an agreement on a hybrid , though, and have decided to make this year the farewell tour for the PuP before I gift it to my nephew and his family. Next spring when tax season come around, we'll be signing the papers for a brand new Starcraft Travel Star 239TBS....or whatever they call that model next year.

    We're all pretty excited and are planning 1-2 trips a month this summer. We've also already started planning and saving for big trips, one to D.C. And another to Colorado...probably in the Monarch Pass area...even better DW is as excited for these trips as I am.
  8. 4xMeteor

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    Jul 30, 2012
    Yep, we by-passed the hybrid too. When dating future DW she said her family camped - awesome!! Thought I hit the jackpot, beautiful and likes to camp:) Her family decided to invite us camping - after a 2-3hr drive in my '62 Jeep w/out a top, in the cold, no heater, we end up at an RV resort:shocked: What the heck - I thought they went "camping". So two weeks later took the DW on the most basic, primitive boondockin trip ever... and she still married me.
    We graduated from the tent to pup (8ft, bare minimum, tent on wheels pup) and now a TT - had our maiden voyage last weekend and loved it. Felt like we were at the Holiday Inn or something, so different than the pup. Drive in, unhook, set stabs, connected power, connected water, slide the slide - done! Teardown was just as simple, no more 2-3 hours of packing, shoving, cramming, etc...
    One of the reasons we by-passed the hybrid was DW really did not want deal with a canvas trailer during the southern storms (We are from Cal). Another reason is we plan on doing more extended trips, further from home as we explore the East coast - lots we have not seen out here.

    Just make sure you do what's good for you and your family - good luck.
  9. Orchid

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    May 8, 2011
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    [LOL] :laugh: [LOL] :laugh:

    ^^^^ This ^^^^^

    Everyone has different needs, and, even wants. The nice thing about the camping community is that, for the most part, we all accept and respect each other. Not sure this is the case everywhere, but certainly in state/federal/county parks, as well as the only privately owned resort we frequent, Fort Wilderness.

    Campers are the only community of people where you can consistently see people of different backgrounds and financial means all come together and enjoy the same place together. Something very special about camping folk. [:)C]

    I grew up camping in a tent, and then a truck camper (which I loved riding in, but hated sleeping in because I had to share a bed with my sister.) When we got a bit older, we would set up the tent ourselves to avoid sleeping in the camper. My dad wouldn't do it for us, but let us put it up for ourselves if we wanted. It was a canvas tent, very heavy and a pain to put up. But we liked having our own space.

    We camped with our kids, in a tent, until they were teens. We did go through a Class C and a travel trailer in short order and weren't happy with either. After a bare bones, very old Coleman, our first serious pup was a '77 Apache Ranger. It was awesome and we loved it. I now regret selling it when we moved to Florida. It didn't have a/c and the only way to put one in was cut a hole in the hitch end and install a window unit. Because it was pristine, I didn't have the heart to do that.

    Several pups later, we have our current '99 Coleman Nevada that feels like a palace compared to most of my lifetime of camping. It's our first camper with a working bathroom w/shower. No more lugging around the porta-potty. It's always a work in progress, as we are always doing things to it, but don't see us ever getting rid of it.

    Recently, our daughter, who live next door bought a hybrid and it's really nice. We camped it in with them one weekend and I can certainly see the appeal. It was super easy to set up and so roomy! It's perfect for her family with the long hours they work. They have no real time for preparations like we do. Still helping her work on stocking it with the perfect items for them, so they will only have to bring food and clothing.

    One of our adult sons was disabled in 2013 with brain injuries and left with PTSD, a titanium leg, titanium plates in his brain, pins in the opposite ankle and various other places in his body. He functions well, but can't be completely independent. He just purchased a 34' Keystone Cougar to live in on our property. Wow, it is super nice! I am definitely envious of him getting to live in it. It has two slide outs, two bedrooms, and tons of storage.

    I honestly cannot imagine camping in it. I would not look down on anyone that did, I just think it feels too much like a house. What I could see it being is a mobile hotel room. Perfect for full timers or people who just want to travel, but not necessarily for the outdoors aspect of it. However, some may love the luxury of something like this after spending a day outdoors.

    With so many campers, right on the property with us now, I certainly have gotten to experience the gamut! Still yet, I think we will stick with our pup for a variety of reasons. The main one being the expense. We would need a better TV for anything bigger and would pay higher gas costs. Our pup barely costs us anything to tow. So, for now, we are very comfortable and livin' large, or at least that's how I feel compared to all of our past camping accommodations[PUC].
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    Orchid...thats a great story. Thanks for sharing.
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