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Discussion in 'Campsite Electronics' started by benfrench, Aug 6, 2009.

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    Jul 29, 2009
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    Nope, no TV for us. My kids get enough screen time at home. Besides our big trip every year is to a state campground in the Adirondacks with no electric. No cell phone signal either. I love being unplugged for those 10 days. We did bring a portable dvd player for the drive up one year, but the kids didn't even think about it once we got there. I admit if we had several days in a row of rain we would start to get bored, but mostly we do well.

    In our camper journal last year, I wrote "All a 7 year old needs to keep him happy is a lake a long and a few free hours".

    While I love the lack of electronics, I have been thinking about a weather radio. Makes me nervous to be out on the water and have a storm blow up that we didn't know about.

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