That Time of Year Again


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Dec 22, 2002
Southeastern PA
Spring is here, well in most areas anyway, which mean Spring Cleaning and so it's yard sale time. So I was wondering, has anyone made some good camping finds at yard/garage sales?


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Jan 2, 2022
Central Texas
I scored a Navy Blue Jacket Manual from 1958, and a 1953 Boy Scout Handbook both were in excellent condition. I like them for the old Bushcraft info, & Knot tying. Dollar each, Younger folks do not care for such rare finds. Just cleaning out the house after a Jeriatric Juvinile, leaves for the great camper jamboree. I pity the who ever has to clean up our mess when we are both gone. I still go to yard sales, if I do buy camp material I pass it on to newbies, and we train them to use, camp stoves, lanterns, or what ever. I am always looking for old spurs to add to my collection. Enjoy the camp. See you on the trail.