The DARK FORCES have control

Discussion in 'Going to the DARK SIDE' started by 1951 bear, Oct 31, 2015.

  1. JimmyM

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    Jun 5, 2014
    Franklin, MA
    Congrats, Bear!
  2. Justhavefun

    Justhavefun God made the Earth beautiful so we can go camping!

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    Sep 18, 2013
    congrats bear we still have a couple of months before we do the switch hopefully it happens before our July scalloping trip(it rained everyday last year). just got back yesterday from are annual st augustine celtic festival trip and had a blast. The music was awesome. But just want to make the change to TT for an easier set up and take down. Did you sell your pup or trade it in to get new TT?
  3. 1951 bear

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    Jun 11, 2009
    leitchfield, kentucky
    Sold the PUP yesterday...No camper on the premises...The sun is shining, the temps are good...campgrounds will begin to open next week...I feel the need. I am bugging the dealer daily. To bad for him. I have vowed to be a PITA for him until my camper is setting on his lot. He's made a swap with another dealer, he just needs to go get it. I'm hoping to do the PDI on Saturday cause the plans are a 3 day trip next weekend...Missing a window to camp after hibernating all winter makes for a grumpy BEAR.

  4. blondedriver

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    Sep 2, 2008
    you all might be able to 4 seasons or even better snow Bird with that camper!! I love the dark side I am even one of the Evil class A people .. But then I am just getting home from spending 2 months in Indy in my class A loving the warmth!!

    You both will have a great time ,, not only can you have ice cream but I have made cookies and a prim rib in my oven!
  5. nineoaks2004

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    Oct 15, 2006
    Dukes, Fl
    We have made several trips with the Coleman Lantern CT 16 FB and love it, It cost me about 3 MPG pulling with the ford F150, and pulls like a dream. We just got back from Birmingham Al for the second trip (Oak Mountain State park) as the DW had her eyes operated on again at UAB, also made a trip to Thomasville, Ga. for my upper back operation, even bad weather is no problem, we just used a small ceramic electric heater for comfort up in Birmingham and I had to turn it down as it got to hot inside.
    It is a pleasure to work smart for a change, just press a button to raise or lower the tongue, use a drill to lower and raise the stabilizers.
    And a BAL leveler can also be raised with the drill. ( it only has single axle)
    The awning is a pleasure to open and close, larger reefer makes it nice too. Makes me glad that we went dark.
    We can get back to our regular camping routine once all these Dr. appointments are over.

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