the dog when you need to head out?


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Jul 30, 2012
I would consider leaving my dog in a crate outside but in the enclosed screen room if that is allowed. It is usually not allowed around here.

I won't leave my dog in the pop-up uncrated for a variety of reasons. One, because he feels safer & less anxious "contained" in his crate. Two, because I think if he neighbor kids, squirrels, raccoons, other dogs, etc. were stirring around outside the camper he may go nuts. If he REALLY wanted to, I'm pretty sure he could chew his way out or bust through the door. But also for his safety - who knows what he may find to get into. I once had a dog that jumped off a small bench on our patio and broke her leg -- what if we weren't there and he was stuck or hurt? His kennel is safest for everyone's peace of mind.


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Oct 10, 2013
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Every dog is different but I do agree either way to crate the dog whenever you need to leave. When you do need to leave only go long enough to run to the bathhouse and no longer and if you hear your dogs bark than immediately go to them. Never leave the campground with the dogs unattended. My dogs have to be put in a crate with all windows covered or they will bark. As for leaving them in a screen house in a crate I don't see a problem again if only running to the bathhouse. If you forgot something and need to run to the store then have someone dog sit. Do not under any circumstances leave a dog Unattended in a car even if you think it isn't that hot out. You will be surprised how hot a car can get even if you park in the shade. Having dogs does limit what you can do, if you have a dog come with you then only do things your dog can too. Going to the beach the dog isn't allowed then either someone stays with the dog or you don't go. I love camping with my dogs and they are always completely wiped out after a camping trip so i know that they love it too. The campground rules are there for a reason and its because so many people abuse it sadly.


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Jul 30, 2012
We've been camping with our Diesel since he was about 11 weeks old. Now, as an intact 80# two-and-a-half year old Doberman(!) most people would think we were crazy to take him camping.

But really? Most people don't even notice him in our campsite.

I'll add my 2¢ here, and surely will get chastised for it, but here goes:

When we go out of camp and can't take Diesel, we use a crate and an electronic bark collar.

Diesel is crated whenever he needs a break from all the stimulus camping provides. He's also crated at night while we sleep, and when we go off on activities that can't include him. He's comfortable and calm when crated, because he's grown up being crate trained.

The bark collar is an added layer of protection. Yes, protection. When you own a dog that's considered an 'aggressive breed' by uninformed and prejudiced people, you have to take steps beyond what a normal dog owner would need to do to ensure there is no chance he'll 'offend' someone with his big dog-ness. So, Diesel wears a bark collar when we're outside the camper with him and when we've kenneled him because we've gone somewhere.

We have never encountered a problem using his crate (Diesel prefers to call it his 'house') and his 'camping collar.'

Hope this helps, OP. And thanks for getting this back on track a few posts ago.


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Feb 23, 2014
If our dog is in her crate and there is activity around her, the only way she will be quiet is if we toss a blanket over her crate (like a bird). If she can't see it, it doesn't bother her.


Mar 31, 2014
We recently went to Jekyll Island and took our 110 lb lab with us. (Not overweight, just huge. He is 29" tall at shoulders). We chose not to take the yappy chihuahuas and that was the best idea we have ever had! The lab was born to camp. In camp he was on his lead but would lie at our feet and did not respond to anything around him. (One time he went after a squirrel but when I corrected him that didn't happen again). In the PUP he had full use of the full size bed. We took him everywhere. The beaches are dog friendly and he loved every second of that. The two restaurants we went to were also dog friendly if you sit outside. He laid under the table and no one even knew he was there. He cried when we left the beach and he barked twice - both times at me because I wasn't throwing his ball fast enough. I would never leave him alone in the camper, even if he was crated. If I am going to a beach that is not dog friendly then he will stay at home. We will be planning a trip to Tampa soon because there is a beach dog park where he can play in the surf off lead.