The Mosquito

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    It is a story that I always change to include an adult in the room. I adapt the local area to make it believable. I always start out, me and one of the adults or for children an adult they all know. It always starts with the two of us taking a trip to a distant city. On the way, while on a lonely road we develop car trouble. Could be tires, or any trouble that required help. We discussed our options and decide to look for a home or business that has a telephone so we could call for help.
    Well, after a short walk we saw a house a little way off the road and decided to ask to use their telephone. While we were walking up to the house, the weather began to build dark clouds and gusty winds. We knocked on the door and the door slowly opened.The old man or woman invited us in and as we were there a terrible storm happened and the lights and telephone went out. The old woman got out candles and we sat there until night time. The old woman said she had a spare bedroom up stairs and we
    must stay the night. The storm continues and we
    Really didn't know what else to do. We were between a rock and a hard place. So we thanked her for the offer of a place to stay the night. She then took one of the candles and walked up the stairs to the room at the top of the stairs. She opened the door, gave us the candle then she turned around and went back to the ground floor. We took the candle and looked around the room. We sat down and talked about our trip, the car, the storm and the creepy old woman living in this creepy old house. As we sat there we both heard a THUMP, we looked at each other, there it was again, THUMP,
    THUMP, and with each THUMP,
    It got louder and closer to the top of the stairs and our door. What should we do?? We decided to jerk the door open to see for ourselves, we did that and. ----- there stood a mosquito with a wooden leg!!!!
    I hope you enjoy! I bet I told at least a thousand stories to the children in that old swing I loved every minute of it! This one was always the first one they asked for and I tried to change it around different people with me different destinations but always the creepy house and the. Thump (pause) Thump!
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