The "pip squeek" 801 Refurb

Discussion in 'First Time & New Camper Owners' started by Amarada, Jun 1, 2020.

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    Spent the whole week giving this little PUP some love. Took all cushions and mattresses out and washed covers, washed all curtains, washed outside vinyl and canvas, fixed outlets and outside ports. Tested the fridge on electric (it works!). Will test on propane when dh leak checks propane hoses. Cleaned roof and removed all old caulk and re caulked and painted with Henry's brite white. (3 coats), fixed bottom of door with new interior plywood panel and new caulk and new latch/lock. Whew! I have made a check list for set up and breakdown of camper (amended many times!).
    I have a few questions: is it normal for the door to be wonky? Like every time I set up, it meets up a little differently and sometimes the top doesn't "flatten" to the top sideboard. If there is a small soft spot on the floor in the corner under the dinette bench, what could I do to help it? (From underneath? There is the original vinyl floor on it). Lastly, 2/3 of the ceiling looks good, but one portion has water damage. Im thinking of fixing it from the inside. Pulling down the wavy loan and putting new up, facing it with thin plastic tub surround material. Any thoughts?
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    Whew! I'm worn out just reading the list of things you've already done.

    The door won't fit if the camper isn't level front to back and side to side. I used to run into the same issue. Chances are that you problem.

    I would think you could add a piece of 3/4 inch plywood under your soft spot. Without looking at it, not sure how you would attach it -- you sure don't want any nails or screws sticking up through the floor -- but you should be able to figure something out.

    You're on you own on the roof though. [;)]

    Good luck.
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