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    Mar 5, 2004
    On a recent bird hunting trip I couldn't get the furnace to light.
    Turn on the therm. and the fan would run but it just would not ignite.
    When I got home I opened it up and checked all the usual suspects but to avail. Then removed the thermostat and held the two wires together
    and it fired every time. simple fix, replaced thermo with new one, $20.00 from local r/v dealer and boom I'm back in from the cold. Good thing because I've got a couple of high altitude cold weather hunts coming up at the end of the month.
    Sometimes it's the simple things that will get-cha. Furnace is a 1995 suburban dd17dsi with the original suburban thermostat. Dealer says these thermos were not that good to begin with and was suprised it lasted this long.

    Hope everyone is well. SEE YA OUT THERE!
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    Mar 30, 2007
    Well look at it this way; With that POS DD Suburban broken, at least you were able to get some sleep. I had one in my Aljo and, after listenig to that undependable, noisy, cheaply made chunk for two years, replaced it with an Atwood 7920 and it's absolutely the second best improvement I've made to my coach. The best was replacing the OEM vent/fan with a thermostatically controlled Fantastic Vent. They're great!
    Jim Piver
    Merlin, Oregon

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