Thetford C2 freshwater pump quit working? Easy fix!


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Dec 26, 2007
I was a bit upset when the freshwater pump in my Thetford C2 gave up just two days before the big camp out. I shopped the online parts houses for a direct replacement and only came up with a few - for around $130.00. I decided to give Grainger a try and found that - low and behold they had a Rule IL200 pump for only $38.00.
PN 3TNJ2. With only a little modification to the strainer/cup that it sits in - the thing is a perfect match. It's the right length. It has the right size hose fitting and enough wire to connect it up. The flow is maybe a little more than the original but a better flush didn't hurt my feelings.
For those of you who haven't located the pump in the freshwater tank yet - pull out the toilet paper roll and lift the little bowl out. Now when it's time to winterize - I just lift that out, wet vac the water out and blow out the pump.
Easy as pie!!! Give it a try - you won't be sorry.