This Is Ridiculous - I Can't Believe It


Van, PA - Near The PA Wilds
Jul 31, 2004
Van, Pennsylvania
You know..... ten years ago, I used to make our first reservation for the third week in April. The first time we got snowed on, I decided the first weekend in May would be better. After enduring some hard frosts, cold weather and entire weekends spent in the camper during that weekend, I thought, "I may as well just cave in to the 'camper's standard' in NW Pennsylvania and wait until Memorial Day weekend."

So..... here it is Memorial Day weekend 2013. I have a NON ELECTRIC site reserved at Clear Creek State Park. Site #40 the "Taj Mahal" of all the sites in the campground. BUT - I woke up this morning it was 34 degrees, the wind was howling. As I drove my girls to school, little ice pellets peppered my windshield. I just went out and put the bikes on the PUP in a winter coat, hat and mittens. There is a frost/freeze warning for tonight. Fortunately, it is usually 4-5 degrees warmer along the river.

This is BS !!! 48 hours ago it was nearly 85 degrees !! I am sick of it. What's next? The Fourth of July? Do I push my camping season back that far? Well, I am leaving for the weekend in about three hours. We'll probably all be sick for a month afterward, but - dammit - here we go. Very, very discouraged !!


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Oct 7, 2009
We all feel your pain. Any chance of switching to an electric site so you can run a heater and other comforts? That would be first on my list! Good luck!


Well, there's your problem!
May 20, 2008
Seattle, Washington
I think the jet stream may have moved a bit this year. Our April and May are usually not very good with the exception of a few days here and there. This year we have had the best April and May in the 25 years I've lived here. We've even topped 80 degrees. I've been working outside on siding, house painting and landscaping projects. Meanwhile you folks in the Midwest and and East have had unseasonable cold, stormy weather. They just had a snow storm in Minnesota a couple of weeks ago.

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Dec 3, 2012
UT's right. During that 80+ stretch, we were the *hottest* major city in the US. And that includes Phoenix. I was able to get a camping trip in during the first week of April, no hookups or anything.


Popups.....when sleeping on the ground gets to you
Mar 13, 2007
Its not bad, its an you will remember that trip for along time. Electric hookups is a must when camping in the "cold" months....I know, I know its suppose to be spring. You cannot count on mother nautre cooperating no matter what time of the year, all you can do is enjoy what mother nature does tto us and hope she is nicer next trip out.....they are all enjoyable!



May 23, 2008
SE Wisconsin
We live in Wisconsin and we have camped the weekend before MD for the last 6 years. Always quiet and the weather had always been great....

Didn't get to go last weekend temps in the mid to upper 70's and this weekend is 50's and 40's with rain!!!...not as bad as ice pellets but still not camping weather.

On a side note we will be in the driveway sleeping as family comes in for our last DS who graduates [:D]!! We give the family the house and we move into the pup! [;)]


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May 29, 2012
I feel your pain.. It has rained here for the past week and a half everyday at some time or another and is cold. This weekend we are getting rain from Thursday till at least Monday, and I mean rain at times so heavy you cant see to drive..
So my camper is sitting in the driveway unopened and waiting for some weather so I can clean her up and ready here for camping on or about the 13 or June..
Crazy weather all over for sure....


May 20, 2013
Don't let a slight chill ruin your fun.
I've always done the winter camping in a tent in the snow, in December [:O]
Have a fire and bring some extra clothes, good excuse to get close with your SO


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May 21, 2010
Sutter Creek CA
RockyRoo said:
It's global warming, can't ya tell? [;)]

Just watching on the news scientists are now admitting practices designed over the last 20 years that were meant to combat global warming actually accelerated it. Kinda funny I thought. Just like the re-eval of nuclear power and cancer prevention. Given enough time, the gears get switched to back peddle. I bet the dinosaurs are still sayin' WT.........?

We are all just sheep.

Go campin anyhow!

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Feb 11, 2007
This was the WORST weather for Memorial Day camping in my memory! We were in the Catskills (NY State), at North-South Lake State Campground with a large group. We go every year.

I stayed solo for one night. [SNZ] The pup was so cold and the wind was terrible. Slept at home the next 2 nights, and visited/packed up on Sunday afternoon.

But...there is always NEXT YEAR!!! Now I'm waiting for the pup to dry out so I can close it down until mid-July.

So many nice days, so little camping time (for me, at least). [:(]

Grn Mtn

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Jul 3, 2012
The combination of cold and wet has the potential to ruin the experience for me. Since we live in Vermont, we expect cool nights anyway regardless of the month we are camping in. :) We try to travel south for early/late camping and if we camp before June or after August the site MUST have electric for our little ceramic heater. It has been surprisingly effective for 3 cold camping experiences. We also have a small propane heater for emergencies, but we do not feel comfortable leaving it on overnight. I think it helps that our pup has hard sides. Don't give up on it yet, you might just find a way to make it work!


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Jul 24, 2011
We had planned to tent at a brewers festival in Greensboro VT last weekend but high winds, sleet, snow, rain (2+ inches of snow on the ground) helped us make the decision to retreat to a local best western for the night. There were those that did tent, the conditions were unprecedented you would have thought they were on Everest, tents cartwheeling across the field in wind and soaking rain/snow/sleet.

Great event otherwise though and you just can't let this type of thing get you down. Pack rain coats and rain pants always as back up. Instant hand warmers Kae the chill off, the more you are prepared for any kind of weather, the more you will enjoy it no matter what the weather.


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Jun 2, 2010
With the purchase of our new TT, getting out more is a necessity. (So I don't start thinking of the cost per use idea of it all). We're headed out this weekend, and first forecasts called for rain most the weekend. Then I thought...SO?? It's just a chance of rain and with the TT we don't pack up wet, and certainly stay dry. And when it's not raining we'll get in our walks and take the pups with us. (It's why we go mainly, sitting here it's too easy to make excuses to just sit).
I'm loving this TT more and more... with the small pup we have, being stuck inside all weekend would have been tough, now..we're good!

That said, I sure hope it gets nicer soon!


Van, PA - Near The PA Wilds
Jul 31, 2004
Van, Pennsylvania
Well...... we went and we survived but - baby - it was cold both Friday and Saturday nights. And, of course, I had issues with running the furnace on battery, so we slept without heat both of those nights. 6 AM Saturday morning it was 36 degrees. 6 AM Sunday morning it was 41 degrees. We still had a good time, but - never again. No non-electric sites until July/August. Pictures -




The family photo was taken Monday afternoon when it had warmed up considerably from the previous two days. Of course, I am now sitting here in 80 degrees and it is forecast to be in the mid 80's all weekend. At least it didn't rain, too !!

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