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    Our third trip in our NTU pup was this past weekend to Codorus State Park near Hanover, PA. We had never been there before.

    We planned to leave on Friday at about 1:00, but it was raining all morning, so we waited until a lull in the rain before we started to pack up. The lull came around 2:30, so we started packing and finally got on the road a bit after 3:00. According to Waze, we were due to arrive at just about 5:30.

    Luckily, about an hour and a half into the trip, we finally left the rainy area and it was dry the rest of the way. We arrived and got backed into our site and started setting up. We got popped up and while DW was setting up the inside, I got the kitchen set up and got my homemade chili out and started heating it for dinner. We then finished up a few other setup tasks and built a nice fire and toasted some marshmallows. Friday night was our first time using a heater and it wouldn't turn on when we first tried. Turns out the 30A plug in the pedestal was bad. I pulled out the adapter and plugged into the 20A outlet and we were good. All we had for the 120v outlets was the heater and phone chargers.

    On Saturday, we had a nice homemade breakfast hash and started exploring the park, which has many parts to it and is really quite big. The park surrounds a good-sized lake. We scouted for sites to reserve next time and checked out the pool area, which looks really nice, a Veteran's memorial, and a few scenic spots near the campground. Then back for lunch and then more exploring of the park's many areas. We watched a person launch a small sailboat, took in the peaceful surroundings, hiked a short and easy trail, checked out an old barn before heading back to the site for another dinner of homemade chili (we really love the chili) followed by another lovely fire and some hot chocolate and cider. Saturday night was a bit colder, but with the heater, we were good. I have still not tried the furnace in the pup. I should probably do that sometime soon.

    On Sunday, we had more homemade hash and slowly and leisurely starting packing up. Later we showered and had lunch, then finished packing up and got on the road around 2:00 and were home by 4:30.

    Three trips down and one more to go this year...

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