Three Rivers/Lake Seminole


Stimulus Package
Aug 7, 2009
We spent 5 nights out at Three Rivers CG last weekend...
Before this the most we had been out was 3 nights. Overall it was a great trip. Due to the heat (heat index 110+) we spent most of our time either in the camper, or driving. We went over to Tallahassee one afternoon (an hour or so drive) to see the capital building and other parts of town.
2 other days we drove up to Dothan, AL (about an hour drive) to spend part of the day with some friends who have a daughter close to the age of our youngest (2 1/2). I spent part of one day with my oldest daughter (8) at Water World which was fun, and the other day took them to an indoor pool in the same area with both daughters to give the wife some time to go shopping with her friend and get away from the kids.
Otherwise I spent much of the morning and sunset timeframes fishing. Caught a nice large 12" bluegill, and had the line snap twice from a large bass taking the worm from light (6lb) fishing line.

We definitely love this CG, second time staying here. Most of the sites are shaded so popup friendly. Downside is they have one swing at the CG and the actual playground is a mile away to the other side of the park.