Time for something like an Rpod

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    Have several friends who have and love there RPods.... My buddy loved his 171.... Up until he met his wife... the bed was just a pain with crawling over each other no room to move past each other. ended up setting down the table at night ...They now have a small TT with a Murphy bed.....
    Other friends have the 179.... They absolutely love it, plenty of room for them and the dogs, kitchen space, dinning booth much nicer,
    only 2 foot longer and 500Lbs heavier at about 3000Lbs.
    We actually have talked about switching to a 179....
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    I’ve been lurking in the RPod group on Facebook for several months for research purposes. They seem to have just a few regular issues that can be addressed fairly easily. The biggest 2 that come to mind is the spoiler on the back tends to leak, so people seal them up better. The other recurring issue is that FR used crummy attachments for the waste water outlet and they tend to fall off while driving. People have been adding extra straps to prevent that.

    The biggest downside to me for the smaller RPods is the lack of storage and the wet bath. If those fit in with your style it could be a great option. Again, the group has come up with lots of great solutions to help out on these.

    An egg camper would be awesome too.

    What’s the payload rating on your truck? I’ve seen some of those Frontiers with pretty low numbers which could restrict your choices.
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