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Discussion in 'Going to the DARK SIDE' started by CamperChrissy, Apr 16, 2021.

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    It's been a while since I've been here, but have enjoyed peeking at the forum now and then to see what everyone is up to. After some soul-searching, we've decided to sell our Niagara. It's been a fun family-camping experience, but also a lot of work for the small amount of time we're able to use it. The math on that just didn't add up for me. Although I am feeling a bit sad and nostalgic about it, I know selling is the best move. So it is now officially for sale on here and Facebook Marketplace. I'm available all weekend for showings. Near Lockport, which is in the far southwest suburbs of Chicago. Just send me a message (preferably through the Facebook ad if possible, but here is fine too)!

    Hopefully my next phase is find a teardrop or super-tiny travel trailer that will really be my toy, not a family camper. I think I'll enjoy going on my own, or sometimes with my DH, a kid, or my mom! But with this crazy camper market, I just have to wait and see what and when I can find something in my budget.

    I hope someday I can meet some of the great people here at a rally or other event! Maybe in the UP? Or Central WI? Or some of the gals down in Florida or out in Arizona someday!
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    Sorry to hear you're selling, but it sounds like you gave it a lot of thought. Don't worry, it will sell fast in this market.

    Yeah, the small TT market is definitely hot right now for rigs towable by crossover SUVs (the minivan of the 2010's+). If you find the right rig, you're going to have to jump on it, or wait until 2023 when the market is flooded with used rigs.

    Best of luck on the sale!
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    Good luck to ypu! And stop in and say hi! It sold fast.

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