Tips for modifying camper fo old dogs


Feb 4, 2021
Cibolo, TX
I have a Jayco HW, so my bunk ends are too tall for my 13 yo dog to get up. She can get on our slide out dinette benchs to sleep, but is wary of the slippery floors. I’m thinking of putting a rubber mat in the dinette floor to add traction. Anyone have examples of what you have done to make camping with these older dogs easier with your Pups?


2004 Fleetwood/Coleman Utah
Oct 10, 2013
Northern Virginia
I’ve considered doggie stairs so my old guy could get up on the camper couch, but he was only 15 pounds and me being his elevator was easier. He was born with flat shoulders so he had multiple dislocations in his years. That unfortunately took its toll on him later in life. I always had multiple rubber backed throw rugs in the camper. I made a makeshift ramp so he could get into the suv and through the camper doors if I’m on a slope. I’ve used it with my 40# dog when she got too old to make that type of jump in the suv. The biggest camp adjustment I had to make was my style of camping though. I had to go from an adventurer camper to a more domestic camp lifestyle and use my AC unit far far more than I ever would myself. The older my dogs got the more they had trouble regulating body temperature. Funny, I bought my camper with my mom in mind which turned out exactly what my dogs needed too when they got old too so I really didn’t need major adjustments.


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Feb 13, 2021
We bought a yoga stepper for our 13 year old border collie. It helps him get into the pup, and then helps him get on to the gaucho, where he can then get on the mattress. :) It's nice and light, and sturdy enough we can use it as a step as well.