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    Please ONLY include 1 or 2 photos per post and add a link to your album for the remainder of them.

    OPTION #1:
    Note: These directions are not specific to Popupportal. Almost all modern forum software follows this same method.

    You can not "upload" images directly to Popupportal, you must store your images on an image service like Flickr or PhotoBucket or one of many other images servers.

    Once you have uploaded your images to an imaging service, you may link individual images to your posts. Each of these services functions differently as to how they allow you to link to your images. Most has a screen that says "Link to it"' or "Photo URL". The link will always end with .jpg or .gif.

    Once you have the URL to the picture, in a new topic or a reply body, enter:

    The trick to making this work is the [nobbc] [/nobbc] tags.

    Example using the Popupportal logo:


    What I entered was:

    It's that simple.

    OPTION #2:
    As a new post is being created, there is an option below the text window labeled "Attachments and other options".

    By clicking on this label, the screen will expand to include various options including to attach photos to the post.

    Allowed file types are "jpg" and "png".

    Note that these attached photos will appear at the bottom of the post being created and will be as thumbnails.

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