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    There are many different ways to keep up-to-date and review posts on the portal. I'm going to cover four of the more popular.
    Recent Topics - Forum Boards - Recent Unread Topics - Updated Topics
    (Tips on different ways for Searching will be coming soon!)
    • [list type=decimal]
    • Recent Topics is a fast and easy way to display the titles of the last twelve member posts. This is located at the 'sky scraper' box on the side of the site screen.[cutoff]
    • Click Forums on the main menu to display member's posts organized by catagory/topic.
      (Keep an eye on the open popup icon on the left - there are new posts on that board)
    • Recent Unread Topics (located toward the bottom of your profile box) to display recent topics posted that you have not read.
      Click on Image to Enlarge
    • Updated Topics (located at the bottom of your profile box) is where you can see a list and read threads that you have posted to in the past.
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