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    Apr 18, 2007
    Hi my name is Britt and I recently purchased a Camplite by Damon 8UD. It is in good condition and my first pop up. It has the factory 8" wheels and tires but on another wedsite it showed a 12" option. Does anyone know if it is as easy as changing them out or does it involve spring or hub upgrades aswell. The website I found this on does not deal with them anymore. I am having trouble finding anything on Damon other than motor coaches. Does anyone know where I can find anymore info. Any input will be greatly apprieciated.

    Thanks Britt
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    Jul 25, 2006
    You can check here to see if the 12 inch wheels are the same bolt pattern as the 8 inch on your PUP.

    If the bolt pattern is the same you'll have to look at the clearance to see if you can install larger wheels and tires without other mods, like lifting or flipping the axle.

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