Tired of hybrid owner friends cutting down our PUP


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Jun 17, 2013
In the 2 yrs we spent looking we looked at campers from an $800 popup to a $14000 BH. We're so glad we bought our 95 Jayco 1207 [:D]. We had it about a month and have camped in the backyard every weekend, it's so fun. Spent $1500(money well spent)!
1. kids LOVE it
2. paid in full
3. both vehicles can tow it

Wife and I tent camped for 20 yrs. Our Jayco is luxury to us!
Maiden voyage starts Thursday [:D] [:D] [:D] [PU] [PUT]


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Jul 11, 2008
Had similar problems with people asking why we didn't upgrade. Everything from my house to the cars and pup. My response was something to the effect that house, car and other toy payments now me not being able to retire when I am 55. When are you planning on retiring debt free? Subject is dropped immediately. Now if I could only retire at 55. [V]


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Mar 29, 2013
BarbaraFaith good luck to ya. and tell them life is outside the trailer not inside.


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Jul 19, 2007
Sushidog said:
I'd make a list of advantages of keeping your current pup. I'd then tell them that you considered "upgrading" but decided to stay with my current pup and show them the list.
Here's an example:

4. Less insurance costs on current TV and PUP
6. Easier to hitch-up, no WD hitch needed.
7. Better gas mileage when you drop off the pup and go sightseeing (and using it when not camping).

Now I know why you posted such a list but these things can be argued very easy..

Our insurance of the TT is only $30 more per year then the pup cost us .. That is less then a family of 4 going to the water park (mentioned in another thread...lol)

A number of folks here have WDH on their pups ... This is not a HTT or TT thing exclusively ...

Just playing devils advocate.. [:D] [;)]

No mater what you tow with (except a MoHo) you'll get better fuel economy without the trailer.


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Jan 8, 2008
New Orleans
The point was not to disrespect their camper of choice just to justify your choice. For instance I tow my Aliner with a 4 cyl car and get 21-25 mpg when towing and 30+ mpg when not. What HTT can match those numbers. Also, liability only ins. coverage on a $1,500 book value camper has to be less than full coverage (because you must insure your financed asset) a $15,000 camper. When you add this to liability only coverage for an old TV compared to full coverage on a new, financed TV it makes a huge difference. I don't have or need a wd or a sway control hitch on my rig, but I don't think I'd tow a much larger camper without one - for safety sake.

I'm sure you are happy with your choice and I respect that choice as it works for you; just respect those who's budgetary considerations dictate a different one. Different strokes for different folks.



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Aug 23, 2009
A tt or hybrid an upgrade ? I think not ! Less room,more weight and wind resistance, been there done that. A hybrid is a lateral move at best and a tt is backward in my opinion. I've had 8' pup,12',Toyota and Chevrolet based class c's, 27' and 31' 5ers and the 12' pup is the one I prefer. If you're a full timer a pup isn't as convenient but for a weekender with a few mixed in extended trips nothing beats it.

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Sep 28, 2011
Santa Clarita, California
mamabean5 said:
You wash and wax your pup? [:O]
We don't! [LOL]

I do wash... If I don't, my popup looks dirty with black streaks all over.... I just recently added wax and it does make a difference! its brighter, whiter and feels smooth all over like ..... (not daring to say anymore).


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Aug 29, 2009
We've had a pup and now have a hybrid. We love our hybrid and loved our pup just as well.
Our camping friends have a TT and when we had our pup they constantly said we should upgrade.
I still dislike that term "upgrade" because it tends to imply that my current camper isn't good enough. Whatever.
I will say their comments played no part in our decision to get a hybrid, it was more of a desire to get something newer but still have canvas bunks. It's kind of funny though, because on our last trip my friend was complaining about his gas mileage and I had to agree to a point. We do a little better with mileage than he does but only because I keep my foot off the pedal more so than he does.
I often walk the campgrounds we are visiting and I seem to gravitate towards the pop ups. I generally talk to folks that have them and compliment them on their campers. To me they are the cat's meow of campers and, even though, I really like our hybrid I will always have the pop up blood in me.
I tend not to care what others think and just do what's right for myself and my family.


Jun 28, 2013
I still dislike that term "upgrade" because it tends to imply that my current camper isn't good enough.

I'm with you. As others have said, a pop-up may be more desirable for a number of reasons besides cost. Finding a camping spot that you can fit into isn't an issue with a pop-up... not so with many travel trailers. There are other reasons as well. For us it's cost mostly... that and we can pull our pup with the daily driver (a minivan). I have an explorer that could likely handle a small travel trailer, but I still prefer the pup and the van as it's more comfortable traveling. That being said... for the op, if they aren't relenting on this issue I would be very direct in asserting the fact that you aren't interested in a sales pitch for a TT. If it doesn't stop with that, find new camping friends.


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Mar 29, 2012
SE Georgia
It sounds like you've already gotten the advice I can give. Real friends wouldn't look down on your or disparage your choices. A true friend will accept you like you are. Sounds like you need to reevaluate your relationship with them.

OTOH, other than the title, your initial post didn't say that they were disparaging you, but rather encouraging you to upgrade. Perhaps they're just THAT sold on their own decision(s) and genuinely think you'd be happier; you really have to decide for yourself if you can determine their motive.

I love our pup, but would rather be in a tent myself. It's growing on me. I'll camp with a turbo diesel Taj Hahal, a 45 foot 5th wheel, a TT, a hybrid, another pup, a tent or a tarp. It's all just camping to me.

Camp with people you like; it makes the glow from the campfire that much warmer. :)


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Oct 15, 2011
Over the weekend, I told DH about the comment about a hybrid being confused whether it is a trailer or a PUP. He liked that comment.

Camped in low 90 degree weather, with high humidity. With the helpl of a couple of small (8 inches or so), the temp in our PUP was significantly cooler than outside, even with little to no shade.

The only advantage I could see was that it's a glorified kitchen on wheels.

BTW, after this weekend, one of the couples is will no longer be camping with us. DH & I decided that we have enough dysfunctional people in our families that we don't need to take on others


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Jan 27, 2013
Our Aliner purchase was a result of several years of discussion, and hundreds of camper walk-throughs at shows and dealership yards. My wife and I are in full agreement with the decision but it was, and continues to be, a compromise.

Be it a boat or a camper, every purchase is a compromise. I think the industry creates this condition on purpose to promote sales.

Is a bass boat better than a canoe? Is a pontoon boat superior to a kayak? Is a yacht better than them all combined? IMO, the answer is, that although they're all 'boats', they're not really comparable. Each type has it's uses, and a long list of unique advantages, with an equally long list of important disadvantages.

Each of us has a unique twist on what 'camping' is, and what we want from it. Throw in geography, personality, finances, number of kids, physical issues, TV, job demands, and more, how could there be any general agreement on the perfect camper?

Because we talked through it, our faith in our decision, for us, for right now, is unshakable. Do we admire some of the features we see in others' campers? Sure, but we don't just mentally compare campers, we compare the lists. So far, we would not trade their lists for ours.

My advice...work your plan, enjoy your time camping, and disregard the calling of crows.


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Dec 18, 2012
Ontario, Canada
Appreciate that your pup is easy to park.

This last camping trip, my friend who has a TT, couldn't get her trailer into the site...ill admit, that thing is hard to see around when you're reversing it.
She eventually gave up and asked me.
Granted, I've NEVER reversed with an enclosed 14' TT before... And it was a challenge.
When I got out to check, I could've sworn in the mirrors it was straight... When I checked... Looks like I parked drunk.

10 min later, got back in my truck.. Backed in my pup under 2 min... Straight and where I wanted it.

So.... Honestly, pups have it easier when it comes to that!


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Jul 19, 2007
A 14ft TT is easy Jenn ... not like backing one of these up ...



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Mar 28, 2012
We just upgraded from a Pup to a hybrid,,,,,,,,but it's 10 years old, and if we hadn't gotten a FABULOUS deal on it, it wouldn't have happened,,,,,,,,and it's cash paid for,,,,,,,I didn't want a loan. Either we paid for it in full,,,,,,,or we got another pup that we COULD afford to pay for in full. I'm not putting down anyone who chooses to take a loan,,,,,our situations are most likely different.

I loved my pup,,,,,,hence the reason we went hybrid instead of Travel trailer. It was a good compromise for us,,,,,,,

anyway,,,,,,I will NEVER understand the reason some people have to put others down to feel good about their own choices. It's not only demeaning to you, it's demeaning to THEM.

Anyway,,,,,,,,,,,yes, they are rude,,,,,,,,yes they are probably covering for their own inadequacy,,,,,,,,

and yes you might need different camping partners,,,,,,,,,

I am assuming, however, you'd like to save the friendship if you can,,,,,,,and there must be SOMETHING redeeming about them if you've been camping with them for some time,,,,,,,,

so keeping that in mind,,,,,,,I agree with the poster who said it takes 2 to argue,,,,,,,

I'd smile pretty,,,,,,,and just say NO.

if the convo continues,,,,,change the subject.

If that doesn't work, you might just have to write them off.


Dec 15, 2012
LMAO Snow, my hubby backed those up for years and he still has a hard time backing up my TT!