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    May 11, 2007
    Been reading a lot about tires on the forum today. What does a good tire v/s a bad tire look like on a pup? Maybe I should just have them replaced since we bought it used and it is an 01. Replace 2 tires or all 3 (3 includes the spare)? Any idea what that costs?

    Thinking about the spare it suddenly dawned on me that I don’t know what size the lug nuts are. I doubt they are the same size as the vans. Now for the question: On an 01 Jayco Quest what size are the lug nuts? If I just get a t wrench should it be metric or US?

    Thanks in advance.


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    I am replacing mine as we speak, ST175/80D13.

    About $60 per tire.

    I would replace all, if none have been replaced since 01.

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    Our Flagstaff has 13/16 lug nuts. No idea if Jayco uses the same size or not. They're probably 3/4 or 13/16. Check to see if the lug wrench for your tow vehicle matches ... it might.

    I've always carried a trusty old 4-way lug wrench. No idea how many cars and trucks that thing has been in by now!

    If the Jayco's tires are original I'd replace them. They're now going on 8 years old. You can look at the sidewalls and in the grooves between the tread to see if there are age cracks or dry rot, but the absence of cracks doesn't mean a tire is good, either.

    Check your tire size and Google "trailer tires" or check and see what their prices are like. There usually isn't a big price spread between dealers on comparable tires. The tires on our old Coleman were about $75 each (tire & wheel). The tires on the Flagstaff will run about $100 each.

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    I didn't even try to guess. I just bought one of those folding 4 size lug wrenches (the X). That way I can attack the TV as well as the PU. I still don't know what size the lugs are, but the wrench fits!
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