to torque or not to toque?

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    Well, i decided to break down and buy the whole brake kit and just replace it, its held on by 4 bolts, any know where I can get the specs on the tightness of those 4 bolts ?, and the dealer said polarity doesnt matter when connecting the 2 wires T or F?

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    Polarity does not matter, see here: for FAQ's and more info.

    There are four 7/16" bolts and nuts holding a very small backing plate onto the axle. Use nylon locking nuts and be sure they are evenly snug. I would imagine the instruction sheet contains the torque specs. if there are any.

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    If it is a 7/16 wrench size torque to about 20 foot/lbs max but if it is a 5/8 wrench size torque to about 80 foot/lbs.Make sure you use a good locking compound that will also prevent galvanic corrosion.Hope this helps. Look online there is usuall good general torque guid lines but kee in mind that they go by the diameter of the bolt.

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