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    This summer, DW, myself, and our three kids (9, 5, and 1 at the time) had to go down to Hyden, Kentucky for a week. Since we had just gotten our PUP, we decided to camp. The closest campground we could find was Trace Branch, an Army Corps of Engineers campground right on the Trace Branch River. In a word, the campground is AMAZING!!!!! They have full hook-up sites with water connection and power (never had water hookups before). A couple sites even had sewage hookups right on the site, so no need to dump the tanks! One side is away from the river, but we stayed by the water. Each site on the river side has a boat tie-out, and they allow what they call Boat-Up camping. You can bring your gear in by boat, and set up on the shore! The campground is incredibly quiet. Most of the week we were there, we were the only guests, other than the full-time campground hosts. There was a lot of day-use, though, with birthday parties, fishermen, and boaters using the facilities.

    My only critique is this: If you come in from the wrong direction, the roadway is down right FRIGHTENING!!! I'm talking about super narrow, one lane mountain roads, with sheer drops on one side, and rock walls on the other side. We made the mistake of coming in this way our first trip in, and I am fairly certain my heart stopped a couple times! Thanks a lot, mapquest. The road going into Hyden is still narrow, but a whole lot better.

    At any rate, we have considered going back, even if it is an 11 hour drive with a narrow road in. The location is beautiful, and the people are so friendly! Next time, though, I am bringing fishing poles.

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