Trailer in states that require plates when yours does not


Aug 9, 2011
I live in Wisconsin and our state does not require trailers under 3000 lbs to be registered. If I am going to travel to Florida would I need to register my PUP and get plates when traveling through states that require trailers to be registered?


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May 5, 2007
Hale Center TX
I think that you have to be in regulation of what is required of your home resident state. For an example Kansas only has 1 tag on a car and here in Texas we have 2. You are not required to get another tag just because you come to Texas. I would have proof of ownership of the trailer with me and maybe a copy of the law in the glove box. This is the way I understand it.


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Mar 5, 2007
Springfield Kentucky
Here in Ky camper have to be registered and have tag on utility trailers they don;t have to have a tag on them as long as your in the state but outside the state the utility trailer has to be taged.


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Jun 16, 2010
I agree with kreich

I was stationed in SC back in '93-'96. SC only requires one tag on the rear of the vehicle. I drove home to OH and was stopped near Marietta by the hwy ptrl; Of course I didn't have an SC driver's license, but OH, he asked for the registration and DL, radioed it wants/warrants, gave me back my stuff and away I went.


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Jul 1, 2011
Without a plate then you can reasonably expect to get pulled over in some locations. Like it or not there are rural areas where traffic enforcement is a way of life. So having proof of ownership, and whatever vehicle code sections pertain in your home state and you should be good to go. You got no plates, no proof of ownership, no copy of your state codes and you are asking to be delayed. If your TV is from state A, the driver's license is from state A and you are in state A and you are trying to convince a very sceptical officer that the PuP is really domiciled in another state then, ???

The easier you make it to be confirmed the better off you are.

But no you don't have to change things going from state to state as long as you are good to go in the state you are from. There were some guys (in this or another forum a while back) that were going to register their trailers in another state to game the tax and registration requirement of their home states, that is going to be a problem if you get stopped.


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May 8, 2011
Florida by way of WV and MD
When I bought my pup here in FL, I towed it home about 120 miles with no tag. There was a state trooper behind me on a long stretch of two-lane that never pulled me over. He was right behind me for about 20-25 miles.


May 23, 2008
SE Wisconsin
We to are in Wisconsin and to not have plates.

We have been to Arizona and NC and have no issues. We do keep the paper work and insurance papers for the trailer handy just in case.


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Feb 18, 2008
About 30 years ago DW and I went to FL with our untagged boat trailer from AL. We didn't have any problem all week.

A couple if years later we moved from AL to MD. We dropped the trailer off and left for the day. When we returned it was gone. Police had it towed thinking it was stolen. We had to 'rent' a tag from an inspection station, before we could spring it from the impoundment lot, have it inspected and get a tag. Granted, we'd left it on a town street, without it being attached to a registered vehicle. Turned out it was an expensive mistake.

Having said all that, you should be fine provided your trailer is hitched to your TV, or unhitched at a campsite.


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Aug 27, 2010
Uncle Buck-my buddy lives in TN, no tag required for his trailer, when he brings it to Florida still does not need a tag, he got pulled once by Fl State Trooper, after getting his info, went back to Cop car=returned and handed his info back and said Have a nice day Mr. Lindsay [8D]


Mar 2, 2011
I'm in SC. The DMV told me I don't have to have plates for in-state travel, but to go out-of-state I should get them. It was only another $15 here, so it was easy enough to just do it and not have to worry.


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Jan 23, 2011
I agree with Hawkster, if you have all of your paperwork together you will be good to go. I happen to have it on my pup because I just don't like the hassle of getting pulled over.


Aug 9, 2011
I am trying to avoid the pull overs also, but I am having a problem with the MSO for the trailer. I am going to call the DMV in the morning to get the ball rolling and find out what I need to do


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Jul 25, 2010
Might not be a bad idea registering. I guy I worked with had just bought a new car before moving from Georgia to Maryland. In GA, the car only needed a paper plate with the dealer's name on it till the tags arrived. Maryland requires a temporary plate. He was pulled over and got a big fine for having an unregistered vehicle even after explaining that a tag wasn't needed in GA where he bought the car.


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Nov 13, 2010
A lot of times, not having a tag is simply the reason to pull you over. Don't expect law enforcement to know the laws of every state, but what they are mostly interested in is maybe finding something else that they can cite you for. I've talked to several current and former officers and they all admitted this to me...they get bored and/or they have been given a directive to increase enforcement on something is that something else they are looking for and out of state plates or no plates at all makes for an easy target.


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Mar 16, 2011
Elkins WV area
I had a lot of trailers registered in WV with an "S" tag for special mobile equipment. WV did away with the "S" tag and would not change to a "C" plate. I made copies of the law and placed a copy in all the registration holders. I had one stopped one time, and the DOT Officer said after reading the law..That's a new one on me. Haven't had anything stopped in 7-8 years since.
Always keep a copy of the law handy,,,just in case your stopped


Jul 19, 2011
When I moved to TN. and tagged my trailers I was told that I didn't need them for in state use but had to have them if planning on using trailer out of state. I would tag it just to be sure. I know FL. resident's have to tag anything put on the highway so the whole trailer tag thing was all new to me when I moved to TN, but I guess I'll have to do some more research too cause no tags on my pup has kept me from camping out of state.