Trailer Valet is Amazing


Aug 20, 2021
Wanted to relay our experience for anyone thinking of the Trailer Valet.

We've only had our pup for a few months and it's a big one: over 19 feet long closed and 2,600 lbs dry. We have a long, narrow driveway (8 feet wide x 100 feet long) and live on a narrow street. Larger vehicles usually need to pull over to let oncoming traffic pass. Oh, and it's a dead-end, so there's no going around the block if we need a second attempt to line up.

We bought the Trailer Valet XL to make threading the needle up our driveway easier, and it's been a champ so far. But it got a real test when we returned from our last trip to find our neighbor had begun a renovation project and had both a dumpster and a Bobcat parked at the bottom of our driveway. There was no way in hell we'd be able to back in. There was also really no street parking available for us to temporarily unhitch.

So we hooked up the Trailer Valet and were able to make the near 90-degree turn into our driveway with ease. We had the entire job done in under 15 minutes.

Can't recommend this thing enough. It was a lot of money to part with for a fancy trailer dolly. But worth every penny.


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Aug 8, 2015
I am getting one for our local scout troop. Recently upgraded the troop trailer to a much larger/wider/taller one. I think it is about 2500 lbs empty, so really too much for scouts to push in and out of the hut. Looking at the XL model myself, excited to see how well it works, and will try it on my pup too.

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