Trying to winterize. Pump not priming


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Jan 31, 2022
2022 Rockwood 2716f. I shut off the water heater valves. This pup has the antifreeze inlet underneath by the fresh water tank. I attached a garden hose and clamped it down and turned the valve. Turned pump on and it won’t suck up the antifreeze. Any ideas or tips on what to look for? Thanks


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Nov 28, 2014
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1: Do you have the valve from the on board tank to the suction side of the pump closed? If not the pump will keep trying to suck from the tank and not the antifreeze container.

2: Have you opened the sink faucet? If not and everything is shut off the pump won’t suck anything.

3: I assume the garden hose you are using is a very short section from the valve and into the antifreeze, not something long.
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May 31, 2018
The garden hose has air in it causing the pump to cavatate. Use a shorter hose thats filled with water or antifreeze to start the process.


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Sep 2, 2012
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I am thinking that your garden hose is too large in diameter, even though you have it clamped, and is possibly sucking in air. The reason I say this is because my hose for winterizing is no where near the same diameter size as a garden hose. I have the same antifreeze inlet setup as you and have no issues with winterizing. The tubing I'm using is a 3/8" I.D. clear tubing. Just a suggestion.....Recheck your hose size.
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