TT -- is it really an upgrade?

Discussion in 'Going to the DARK SIDE' started by Ebisaki, Jun 19, 2012.

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    I think the difference of opinion on this is based on how we each define "upgrade." In other words, what are we comparing? To me, the question revolves around the experience.

    To me, a PUP is an upgrade from a tent, which gets you off the ground with electricity and water. HW is an upgrade from a PUP, which might add a bathroom and oven. Certain RV makers refer to these as "camping trailers" because that's what they are: camping. The facilitate a couple young parents taking their toddlers and young adults out to the woods for a week of campfires, hiking and swimming. Still spending the night in canvas.

    To me, a TT/HTT is an upgrade from a PUP in the sense of "what you tow behind your vehicle with you out to the woods." It's no longer camping - it's a different experience. More like having a portable cottage. But it's an upgraded experience IMO.
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    The first thing my friend with a TT said was "I don't have any drawers." and "Look at all this space!"
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    I probably already gave an answer on thread, but here's another that should speak for itself - I have an '08 Keystone Cougar 29' with two slides for sale. Anybody near north Florida interested?

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