Twin Oaks in Schoharie NY


Apr 4, 2013
Took the DW and 2 daughters to a campground near Cobbleskill to hit Howes Caverns, Schoharie County Fair, etc. and went to Twin Oaks. We grabbed a spot next to the pond and loved it. Great place, great owners. As a Dad with 2 kids I loved how they were tough on keeping it slow. They had a lot of seasonal folks and I could see why.

Pluses - great views, everything was close, wifi worked great even when the place was full. Close to the interstate, town, and local attractions. Definitely kid friendly, nice arcade, a fresh water beach which I turned my nose up too, but the girls loved it.

Minuses - Watch the turn entering the main road leading to the camp. Don't understand why Woodall's gave them the rating they did for the bathrooms/showers, they weren't much different from another camp they gave 9.5 too. The few that I used were fine.

We'd go back again, definitely -


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Apr 3, 2013
LOL - I'm here right now, reading the review, and agreeing with you 100%. The lakeside sites ARE beautiful, but I'm hoping to get a rallyfield site next time to get that VIEW down the valley. Wow!

Larry the owner is a hard-working guy who always finds time to answer questions, say hello, fix a SPUT, and generally be a good guy, 12 hour work-day notwithstanding. My 5 y/o DD learned to fish here the past 3 days - the lake is brimming with fish - and it's our 1st excursion so far from home (about 200 mi.) so it will always hold a special place in our PUP.

If you're looking for a bit of a rustic, slower-paced place to get outdoors, I definitely recommend Twin Oaks.