Two new types of accomodations.

Discussion in 'Ontario' started by elsiemon, Sep 28, 2012.

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    Ontario Parks has Deluxe Tents and the Camp Cabin at three parks. With yurts at some parks already we're starting to lose some sites for us campers. Enclosing the link. For myself camping also involves setting up etc so can't see me doing this. Just wonder how many of these Deluxe Tents/Camp Cabins and in how many parks will they have in the future. The price per night for these isn't cheap either. Saw both types at the Pinery in late summer. No privacy and near the road. Any thoughts?
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    Aug 24, 2008
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    Oregon's newest state park, Stubb Stewart, included cabins in the original plan.
    Ft. Stevens gave up a few sites and the hiker/biker campsites when they built some cabins there. KOA's have had Kamper Kabins for quite a while now.
    I think it is a great idea. People get to stay "outdoors" in a nice motel room in a campground. I would do it b4 I stayed at a motel while traveling in a car - or traveling w/o the TT.
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    The Yurts at Bon Echo were well away from the main camp, and closer to the walk in premium sites (tent sites that involve a short hike from a parking lot.

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