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    Inks Lake State Park, Texas (Update)
    April, 2011

    Well, we got back from a week at Inks a few days ago. Had a great time even though the temps could have been a bit cooler and the winds were up a bit. Limited the amount of time we had in the ‘yaks. As stated in another post, wild flowers were not what they usually are but given a dry fall last year and limited rain so far this spring, it was to be expected. Actually have seen better patches of bluebonnets around Ft. Worth then we saw in the Hill Country. Have since heard that the Willow City Loop is devoid of flowers this year, as well. Glad we didn’t spend the time driving down that way, even though that drive is worth it if for nothing other then the views. All of this may change over the next few weeks but I’m not betting on it.

    Water level in Inks was at and remained at normal levels while we were there. Water temp was seasonably cool and slightly stained, probably due to being a bit agitated by the heavy winds. Fishing was very slow for catfish and blue gills. Red Wigglers was about the only bait that did well. Be aware that it appears that brush piles have been sunk around the west fishing pier. Good cover for attracting fish but can be problematic, particularly for young anglers. Water level in Lake Buchanan remains low but is in much better shape then our last visit.

    We got lucky for a change and got to see the new, young eagle at the Llano Nest. We went out there three times and were able to see the young one on all three trips, even though we only got a quick glimpse of the parents on one occasion. Got some fair to good pictures, shot through our spotting scope. Be aware that the eagles have abandoned the nest that they have used for the last 7-8 years and have built a new one about a quarter of a mile west on Texas 29. The new nest is a bit closer to the road, making viewing a little easier. Can’t say for sure but I would expect that as of this writing, the eagles have left for this year.

    There have been a few noteworthy changes in the park and I thought that I’d get them posted so that others may benefit. One of the biggest changes you will see is when you enter the park from Texas 29. The golf course is closed and the structures are in the process of being removed. Checked with the park staff and they informed me that this is a permanent closure and that no final plans are in place for the future use of the land. There is talk of additional camping sites being put in but that is in the future. I would welcome this but we’ll have to wait and see. Funding will, as always, be a factor.

    There are active plans in place for all “Power & Water” sites in the park to be changes over to 50 amp service. It had been my understanding that this project was scheduled for completion by this time. This is not the case and completion has been pushed back to later this year. This information is important as you reserve camping sites in the park as booking is based on your need for 30 or 50 amp service and which area in the park you prefer to camp in.

    There has been continuing talk of changing some of the “Power & Water” sites in the park it “Full Hook-Up”. This appears to remain in the planning stage for some time in the future. It had been my hope that this project would begin in the large loop just southeast of the fishing pier, starting at Site #276. It would appear that the plans call for the project to begin around Site #79 and extend west along the south side of the park road to Site #200. Again, we’ll wait and see.

    There has been some minor additions made to the boat pier at the Park Store and this is being used to dock some new rental paddle boats. Also, it looks like the park’s electric tour boat has received some attention since we were last there. Looking pretty sharp after being cleaned up and with the addition of some new upholstery.

    Some here will recall “Mike’s”, the privately run BBQ stand near the Park Store from a few years ago. Mike was forced to close due to health concerns and that has left a void as far as food service in the park is concerned. Since our last visit to the park, “Chris’ Landing” has moved in to replace the BBQ stand. This facility is located just south of the shower house near the Park Store and is visible from the main park road. Offerings include ground steak burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, breakfast burritos and taquitos along with fountain soft drinks, coffee and iced tea. Burgers and chicken sandwiches are made to order with a selection of grilled vegetables and a generous serving of beans to go with it. Have only tried the chicken sandwich, which is marinated and very tasty. At a price of $6.50 for the sandwich and beans, I found the price and quality very acceptable and have no trouble recommending you give Chris’ a try. He is open on Saturday and Sunday, 7 to 7, if I recall correctly.

    That just about wraps it up for this update. As said we had an outstanding trip with plenty of time to spend with friends, new and old. Inks Lake still rates as #1 on our list of Texas State Parks. Can’t see it ever losing that rating. If you haven’t, I hope you can find the time to give the park a try. Until then and always,

    Happy Camping!

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