uneven tire wear

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    Apr 25, 2007
    Here's a question for you with some experience. before our last outing by looking at our tires they were properly inflated- that is to say to sag in the tire, and the bottom of the tire was even or flat where it met the road. However, there were only 35 PSI, & the tire called for 50 PSI. So I inflated them to 50 PSI, but the tires were now "crowned" at the road- the tire was not sitting level on the ground. However, several days & several hundred miles later there was significant wear on the inside of the tire- it was like there there was a line on the middle of the tire- the inside tread was gone, the outside was fine. So, can too much air cause a tire to wear unevenly? Too much weight in the PUP? (less then 250 lbs). Old tires to begin with? Anybody with suggestions?
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    Jun 15, 2007
    Most deffinately.....it sounds like they were over inflated from how you described the wear pattern in the center. Not sure why the manufacture specs would cause this unless your air gauge was not correct and you were inflated over 50lbs.
    And less than 250lbs of weight should not effect anything unless all of that weight is in the very back of the camper which would only cause the camper to sway more while driving.
    Old tires or not it sounds like over inflation was the issue.

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