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    I have a 1994 coleman destiny pop up camper that I’m struggling to find an axle solution for. My axle is only 2 inches in diameter and I haven’t been able to find a axle flip kit. There are only some hefty priced options like replacing the axle or going full axle free. While I want the axle free I just was hoping for a little less of a cost.

    We do plan on off roading this and want bigger tires since I am on 8 inch tires.
    If any of you have a solution/advice let me know. I added some pictures of the trailer, 547CC9B6-3C0A-441F-A041-3E5C5AE1C7A0.jpeg 74B55BB5-5AC0-459C-9502-5E89B2E45E37.jpeg 39F30259-8CAD-4921-B8BF-772D80C5E1CA.jpeg

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