Upgrading ‘01 Coleman Bayside DC converter

Discussion in 'Power - Site Power/Batteries/Generators/Solar' started by Tiki-Dan, Jul 24, 2019.

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    May 28, 2018
    Why bother with 50 amps if you're going to only use half of it?

    Really, other than the toaster oven and AC Unit, nothing you've mentioned will use that much electricity. You could just add a single outlet hooked to a simple 20amp cord and plug the toaster into that and the cord into the 20 amp outlet on the pedestal (or run an extension cord into the trailer to plug the oven into). If there isn't a 20amp outlet (which there usually is), then you just run one or the other. For the occasional use of the toaster oven, the 50 amp service is really overkill.[/quote][/QUOTE]
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