Utah Lake State Park


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Jun 12, 2017
For our first outing in the PUP, we chose to go somewhere with power and water and easy access to "civilization" in case we needed to get anything for the trailer.

We checked all of the campgrounds near Salt Lake that met those needs and allowed pets, but pretty much everything was already reserved for Father's Day weekend. Utah Lake State Park had some spots open on short notice so it became our default choice.

We specifically chose a spot close to the flush toilets since my wife wasn't feeling great and had frequent need of the facilities. We didn't realize until we got there that we had actually reserved a handicapped/accessible spot since it wasn't listed that way on ReserveAmerica.com. Oh well. The one on the other side of the toilets was empty all weekend so I guess it wasn't really a problem. :p

The campground itself was fairly boring with mostly flat ground covered in occasionally trimmed dry field grass. But I suspect that most people camp there in order to make use of the nearby marina/lake so activities at the campground aren't really a priority.

We had no problem at all with any of the neighbors. One group a few hundred yards away was quite loud laughing and telling stories in the early afternoon but they quieted down as soon as the sun went down. Another group of four college-age kids across the campground was clearly there for just one purpose as the two girls were frequently putting on a show for anyone who happened to look in their direction. I suppose it's possible that they just forgot to pack any clothes, but I find that hard to believe. At least they were quiet about it and (I think) my girls didn't notice... ;)

The nearby Provo airport gave some intermittent entertainment when unusual planes flew in or out. Some were quite loud but it seems that the airport shuts down around 8 PM and doesn't open up again until 8 or 9 AM since we didn't hear or see any planes outside of those hours. My girls enjoyed watching the boats on the lake for a while as well. I'm not much of a bass fisherman so I didn't take my gear with me. I should have, though, so I could get in some extra 'relaxation' while the girls watched the boats.

The only real issue we had there resulted in the nickname that my girls decided to give the campground: "Millions of Midges". I think millions is a significant understatement. Clouds of Doxit Midges were everywhere. Fortunately they don't bite like mosquitos, but they were still annoying, especially in the evening, and it was a challenge to get in and out of the trailer without letting the bugs inside. Just after sunset there was a massive swarm circling over our trailer (probably soaking up the radiant heat from the roof?) that was so big and so loud that it sounded like someone was running a small generator in the middle of the swarm. They stayed there for a couple of hours after sunset but did finally move away so we could get some sleep.

note: The entry gates to the campground and marina close at 10 PM and they will not open the gates for anyone except emergency services so it's impossible to get in after that time. The exit gate is automatic so it's still possible to get out at night if there is an emergency (or boaters stay on the lake until after sunset).