Velcro - hook and loop


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Aug 21, 2011
Looking for about 30ft of WIDE hook and loop fabric/ tape. ( aka VELCRO )

I have seen it is widths of approx 10" in rolls of about 50'. aat the time I saw it, I though, "wow, cool, that could come in handy one day" but didn't buy it.

the place I saw it is 100miles away and I haven't had occasion to go that direction since I discovered I needed it. ( it was a Salvage/Surplus store, they have so much "stuff" I doubt they would know if or care if they had it. )

Anyway, I know it's made, but I haven't been able to track any down on the web as of yet.

6"-10" wide of ANY color is quite acceptable, I really only need the Hook side, but I'll take both if nessisary.

I want this to go on the bottom side of the bunk ends to fasten the canvas flaps , the factory stuff was 2" wide, and stapled up and very cheap stuff. after 2 years it has been pulled thru and down several times. if I find what I want I'll experiment to find the best way to keep it attached.

any help would be appreciated ! Thanks !


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Mar 5, 2006
Tacoma WA.
Go to the local fabric store they can order it in for you. all of the ones here carry 2-3 inch in stock. At Jo Ann's I got hard plastic that I screwed up underneath for the Add-A-Room


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Dec 26, 2009
Albuquerque, NM has 4", which should be pretty hefty.

As for industrial-strength Velcro, we've used the 2" on a couple of projects, including our old pup. It is possible to have it pull away from what it is attached to, the stick between the hook and loop is so strong.

We used regular 2" on the old pup for the bunk end skirt. We learned we needed to staple if much closer than we imagined, as repeated removal, even though we were careful, pulled it off in a couple of places after a while.

I found 6" here:,245,19 (never dealt with this vender, have used Seattle Fabrics several times)