Vine Ridge Resort in Ontario

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    Vine Ridge Resort (formerly Shalamar Lake) on Line 8, Niagara, Ontario

    My wife and I stayed here about five years ago when it was Shalamar Lake. It wasn't great but wasn't bad either. There were a lot of permanent trailers, but the tent and small camper area was nice - plenty of trees and is adjacent to a vineyard. What we really liked is that it is right along the Niagara Parkway, which is both a nice drive and bike ride to both Niagara Falls and Niagara on the Lake, something the other area campgrounds don't offer.

    We went again last week and had made arrangements to stay two days beyond the end of their season. We were thankful that they permitted this (though they didn't bother to tell any of the staff). Because we were the only ones there, we had the opportunity to talk to the new manager. He told us they were putting all permanent trailers in, and he wasn't sure if they would still have an area for campers like us or not. So this campground may not be an option next season.

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